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Updated: Aug 8, 2019

And I am funny as well.

Sometimes I do stand-up comedy together with Sieviešu stendaps. All it took was one e-mail and I was in! If only I had known that 3 years ago... But 3 years ago I had nothing to joke about, since my life was as calm as a ...

Here's a small excerpt of my piece in Robert's books.

I want to talk a bit about the concept of losing virginity. I would like to call it differently since there is actually nothing to lose. Maybe only one’s dignity. I would like to call it the “time when people want to stick things into each other and it’s very clumsy”. Yeah yeah, I am talking about gay sex. Well, a woman can also put something in a man, for example, pride, but to be honest, I’m not an expert in this field.

Who of you has used a safety word during sex? I had one during my first sexual experience, and there was even no penis involved, just a finger, one finger. I think something was not right, since I HAD to use that safety word a few times. Well, at least my partner at the time paid my phone bill and took me to Paris. So what do you think could be a good safety word during sex? I would suggest “pickle, pickle, pickle, pickle!”, but not to confuse with tickle. For sure not Putin. Maybe Chernobyl? Oh, I know - Brexit, Brexit!

What does it mean to be a gay person in Riga? It means that there is a 95% chance that the girl you are dating, has been together with at least two other of your exes. And that is pretty weird. So for this reason in my life I have opted for quite a few long distance relationships with foreign ladies. Once I fell in love with an American girl, all it took was two-three months of e-mailing and her friends already called me — the MOB — mail order bride. I am from Eastern Europe for them, so I embraced my nickname. She got me the best gift ever a girlfriend can give — a banana saver [I have it right here] — no more unwanted banana smoothies in my bag! I gave her some Latvian chocolate and a number of good orgasms.

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