• Laura Šterna

Experiment with the hair

Well, it's actually not a big experiment, I am simply letting them grow. Everywhere. It's an experiment in the sense that I want to find out how long can the hairs grow. Pubic hair and thighs have not seen any trimming devices for some 9 months, armpits and shins have suffered during various performances, so here my statistics will fail a bit. I did offer the wax strips with my leg hair to the audience of my performances, but only a few accepted and only one person asked for an autograph! On the hairy wax strip. #legit

So here are some hairy stories for you.

Not that long time ago I was riding in the train [in shorts] and I felt that someone is looking at me very closely. The man, who was looking, came closer and sat opposite of me. With his hand gestures he was asking me to take off my headphones. Reluctantly, but I did and he asked me what was my name. I did not say, and put my headphones back and tried to continue to read the magazine I was reading. He did not back off and again asked me to take off my headphones. This time he introduced himself [Igor] and asked again for my name and also said, that it looks like I am doing some sports. I got scared and a bit confused, my first thought was that he sees a nice boy [well, the hairy legs] and maybe wants something... I should have said that my name is Sasha, kind of gender neutral from Alexander or Alexandra, but this came to my mind way later, when I was already out of the train.

Quite often in bathrooms, public or private, I see "some kind of hairs" and was not sure, where do they come from... well, now that I see how my pubic hair is also just falling off, I got my answer. I guess that my pubic hair have reached the limit and they can fall off now, they are some 3-4 cm long, curly though, so maybe even 5 cm! And I like them. I believe with all my heart, that the microflora of my vagina is well protected now. Everything is cool down there!

And the looks. I am a pro-hair choice person. In my opinion pubic hair looks so good on women, and I would not want to see "little girls" vulva. Not that I am looking or anything, but I do see more shaved vulvas than the hairy ones...

"Oh, but what about oral sex with all that hair?" you will ask [for sure]. What abut it? You have fingers, you can push away the unnecessary and get to the necessary in one go! Yes, yes, I have had moments when I had to find that one hair in my mouth and leave it somewhere in the sheets. If someone of you manages to not to get your sheets look and smell like sex was just happening, let's meet and you can tell me all about the kind of sex you are having.

Viva la hair!

p.s. for the proof I took a photo of one of my pubic hairs. It's in the gallery.

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