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Binding / Scattering / Gathering - strategies of control in a collaborative performance

'Strategies of Control in a Collaborative Performance: The Visual Practice' was the title of a masterclass by Polish artist Agnieszka Karasch I had attended during the performance art festival STARPTELPA.


It lead to something wonderful, an unforgettable experience - a collaboration. We joined our forces to create. It was emotional and unrehearsed, I realised how much of a rules person I am and I don't cope well once the rules suddenly change during the game.

During the course of performance we struggled, there was some power play and aggression. We explored movement whilst creating an image on the floor and were attempting to creating a dialogue while being observed by the audience. I heard that from the side it seemed intense. It was intense.

Thank you for this kind invitation to join the sweat, dust and coal party, Agnieszka!

Art historian and scholar Laine Kristberga writes the following of her impression of the performance:


   In her performance Binding/Scattering/Gathering, a Polish artist - Agnieszka Karasch, collaborates with local artist Laura Sterna. This performance explores the limits of power and control through force and aggression and exposes them on a large piece of paper stretched out on the floor. 

Both artists draw with charcoal on paper, in different positions and performing different movements.

However, there is a feeling of forced inequality as Agnieszka is dictating to Laura.
Both of them are tied with a rubber band. From time to time the material becomes so tight that it seems as if it is about to snap abruptly. After the performance, there is a beautiful artefact left on the floor - a jointly created huge drawing on which both artists - pleased, happy and covered with coal dust and sweat, take time to rest.

Photo credit goes to Cathy Mk & Elina Primaka, Luchana Logina

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