My interests in performance expression include bending the stereotypical gender roles, female masculinity and sustainable living using humour and sarcasm as a tool to express my views. I am a graduate of the performance art course by Latvian Performance Art Centre, where I have discovered my abilities to work with my voice and body.

Another interest of mine is stand-up comedy, as I am a part of a crew of women stand-up comedians in Latvia.


Latvian Art Academy, Faculty of Audio-Visual Media Art, Motion. Image. Sound department (MA)

Latvian Contemporary Art Centre, Summer School "Negotiating Gender in the Baltics and Eastern Europe"

Laboratory of Stage Arts “Butoh art”, Riga (theory + practice) (60 hours)


Latvian Performance Art Centre “Transformation of personal experience in body, voice and object”, Riga (theory + practice) (150 hours)

Notafe.ee summerschool classes - "Empty body" by Mehdi Farajpour (15 hours) and "Seeing by moving" by Fornier Ortiz (15 hours), Viljandi, Estonia (methods + contemporary dance)

"Collaboration Class-Performance Art" by Maureen Fleming, Riga (methods + contemporary dance) (15 hours)

Coaching, personal development trainings and NLP in Jauno Psihologiju centrs (Riga) & Olde Vechte Foundation (The Netherlands) (theory + practice)

September 2018 - June 2019

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January - June 2020

September 2020 - ongoing

31 July - 5 August 2020