A handful of UCFB students were fortunate enough to gain quality sports industry work experience at the recent PDC World Darts Championships at Alexandra Palace.

The four students gained the opportunity through their UCFB connections, and were selected through an application process.

The four students working at the world championships were:

The sports media-related roles at the PDC World Championships included the students interviewing players, creating social media posts, writing articles, handing out media accreditation and plenty more.

This opportunity allowed them to meet and network with journalists, broadcasters and photographers, as well as obtain an all-access pass to the iconic Alexandra Palace to see how sports media works at the very top level.

Dominic said: “It's been fantastic to gain an even better understanding of the industry and especially at the start of my career moving forward.

“This experience has already taught me a lot and I couldn't think of a better way to gain experience then at the highest level which UCFB can offer to students. This experience will be one I will never forget and hopefully allows for more doors to open after my time here at UCFB.”


Talking about his time at university, Tyler said: “69Ƶ has been great for me. I'm halfway through my third year now. I don't really want to leave in May. 

“The experiences given to you and the insights from lecturers are the main two standouts for me, alongside the like-mindedness of students. Whether that's in halls or in your lectures, everyone loves sport, and wouldn't be at 69Ƶ if they didn't!”

Dominic added: “My time at 69Ƶ has been brilliant and I couldn't have asked for a better university experience with both studying and being prepared for industry through work experience.

UCFB stands out from all other universities in my opinion due to having so many opportunities they give to students within the sporting industry.

They have offered a lot of extra-curricular activities throughout my journey here which have been very worthwhile when it comes to gaining knowledge and that much-needed experience. 

He finished: “Get your name out there and take on as many opportunities you can to gain experience and always do it to the best of your ability to show the good work you can create.

“Getting into the sports industry is difficult due to its competitive nature but having any experience through your time at UCFB will help you stand out in the crowd and kick start your career after graduating.”

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