UCFB graduate Mya Graham, who now works as a producer at talkSPORT, has given her top five tips for being a sports producer to help any of our students wanting to pursue a career in sports broadcasting.

Mya studied BA (Hons) Football Business and Media at our Manchester Campus, and recently returned to host the campus’ Inspirational Women in Sport Event.

She gave some time to talk about her role as a producer, and offered advice and guidance on being a top class sports producer.

1. Consider your topics

What’s in the news? What’s fresh? What’s going on?

Once you’ve got those topics, you then have to look at what new and fresh angle to take. You don’t want to be talking about the same thing every journalist or radio station has been talking about.

You need a new take on it and a new direction.

2. Consider audio

Especially when working for a radio station, you have to consider audio.

How can audio that you use enhance a topic? Can it be a manager talking at a press conference? Can it be a teaser that looks ahead to a game?

All these little bits of audio need to piece together so that the presenter has a little bit more context and something to break up the show as well.

3. Have the right guests

A good guest can make or break a show. It gives another voice and adds another level to the show.

This can be a coach, journalist, psychologist. Anything in that field that you think can enhance or bring a bit more expertise into the show.

Having a guest to come on and offer a different insight really can elevate a show.

4. Callers and audience interaction

What do you want your listeners to hear? What answers do they want? What questions do they want asking?

If you have a radio show, you give callers the chance to call in and voice their opinion.

Sometimes the best content is when a caller and a presenter go head-to-head, they clash and don’t agree on something.

5. Give the show an identity

It needs to be personal to you, there needs to be a brand, there needs to be features. Anything that people can see or hear and know it’s your show.

Keep it original, keep it fresh and keep it different.

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